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I am currently in graduate school in Auburn University's Real Estate Development program. I love real estate. I love everything about it. I love the fact that there are no two properties alike and no two deals alike. In addition to my schoolwork, I love seek out books, articles, blogs, and people that can future my knowledge of this ever changing industry. So here I am! If you know me you will agree that I am not your typical graduate student. If you asked me after graduating from Mississippi State if I thought I would sit in another classroom, write another paper, or take another test I would have answered with "Not in a million years!" If it were not for the MRED program at Auburn I would still be saying that. I want to use this blog to share my story as I go through this program. I expect to make some post closely related to the program itself and others simply about life while I make these changes. I will try not to bore you to death!

Representing Auburn University at MIT’s “THE CASE”

As we entered our final semester at Auburn’s Executive MRED program, program director Michael Robinson suggested that Auburn enter one or two teams into MIT’s “THE CASE” competition.  This prestigious  international real estate competition focuses on real estate acquisition and development … Continue reading

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Auburn MRED International Field Study: Day Three

Today was one of the most inticipated days of the MRED International trip.  Wine tour day!  The United States is just getting leaving a long winter season so the group was looking forward to getting out of the city for … Continue reading

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A View From MRED International Field Study: Melbourne Day 1 & 2

As I have discussed in previous post, the Auburn MRED students take a field study at the end of every semester.  While most are locations within the United States, one is an international trip.  Our faculty selected Melbourne Australia and … Continue reading

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Most Real Estate Investment Deals Can Be Done with “Back of the Envelope” Approach

As I enter my last semester of Auburn’s Master of Real Estate Development program I wanted to use the blog of Developing a Developer partially as a series of “What I Learned.”  The first post in this series has to … Continue reading

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The Landlords Prayer

I came across this while reading the Real Estate Economy Watch.  I thought it was to good not to pass along.  I know I have said this prayer a time or two. The Landlord Prayer   Help me Lord, for … Continue reading

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Make The Most Of Your Next Conference

I recently returned from the Urban Land Institute Fall meeting in Denver Colorado.  This conference attracts international land development leaders for three days to discuss topics that are trending in our industry.  Over 5,000 people chose to invest their time … Continue reading

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Two Quotes… Two Responses

“All Americans pay for sprawl with increased health and safety risks, worsening air and pollution, urban decline, disappearing farmland and wildlife habitat, affordable housing, and erosion of community.” -Robert D. Bullard, 2000 “It’s something that we’re skirting around.  We have … Continue reading

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