Sustainable Seattle

Recently Auburn’s MRED 2013 visited Seattle Washington for field study.  After visits to New York and Los Angeles, we knew the feel of Seattle would be different.  The focus of this trip would be centered on sustainable development.  In three days, we were scheduled to visit a handful of projects that would discuss what measures they were taking to build better projects.  However, what I found most impressive was the effort that Seattle has taken to be sustainable on a much broader scale.  Hybrid taxis, an extensive light rail system, and comprehensive recycling plan were just a few examples of the sustainable measures that were obviously present.  The trip made me think “If cities such as Seattle, Portland, and Denver can take these measures to make their cities better, what is holding cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles back?”  Feel free to read a rough draft of my paper Sustainable Seattle.

Touring Amazon’s new headquarters. I would take this view!


About Developing a Developer

I am currently in graduate school in Auburn University's Real Estate Development program. I love real estate. I love everything about it. I love the fact that there are no two properties alike and no two deals alike. In addition to my schoolwork, I love seek out books, articles, blogs, and people that can future my knowledge of this ever changing industry. So here I am! If you know me you will agree that I am not your typical graduate student. If you asked me after graduating from Mississippi State if I thought I would sit in another classroom, write another paper, or take another test I would have answered with "Not in a million years!" If it were not for the MRED program at Auburn I would still be saying that. I want to use this blog to share my story as I go through this program. I expect to make some post closely related to the program itself and others simply about life while I make these changes. I will try not to bore you to death!
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